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Yuck! Vinyl! Why You Should Only Use Real Nail Polish Strips!

Hey ladies, what have you been putting on your nails for thousands of years? Nail polish! Definitely not vinyl! So why are so many companies that make nail wraps not actually using nail polish, but vinyl instead? Vinyl is replacing nail polish for your delicate nails, but unless your nail wraps are real nail polish you can’t get that super cute manicure that you’ve been seeking for centuries! Vinyl is basically plastic! If your nails are covered in plastic all the time they can’t breathe! Wondering why your nails are thin or breaking? Maybe your suffocating them! :) 

Why are nail polish strips better?

  •  Vinyl decals just don’t last.
  •  Vinyl isn’t good for your nails.
  •  Vinyl is hard to apply! (Heat, water, or crazy lamps needed? Pshh, just go back to basics people!)
  •  Nail polish strips look and feel like a professional, designer, manicure
So stop buying those decals at your local pharmacy that are bad for you nails and chipping within a few hours! Try out Compulsive Nails’ REAL Nail Polish Strips and feel the difference today!

Always check in on our website for new designs! Spring and summer lines coming out now! Palm Tree Sunset nails are now available! The ombré makes them look hand painted don’t you think? www.CompulsiveNails.com